Limiting TV Time for Preschoolers

Limiting TV Time for Preschoolers

Dec 09, 2013

We all have been guilty of using the TV to occupy our children from time to time. With the thousands of demands placed on us parents, TV can help us by keeping our preschool children happily absorbed for just that little while. We also know how important it is to limit TV time. Preschool children who watch too much TV are at the risk of higher body mass index, lower grades in school and decreased creativity and productivity. So, while your child is still in preschool, develop good TV habits for them. Here are some ideas:

1. Alternatives

Your pre-schooler should be spending more time playing, learning and interacting with other people. Since you are busy with chores, simply involve them in the chores with you. Your little soldier can help you sweep up one part of the room while you do the other. You can teach them the name of the ingredients of foods when you are cooking. They can even help you sort and stack!

2. Activity Basket

I used to keep a basket in the living room closet that was always filled with activities. It was filled with different things every week. I would rotate these things so Keith would always find ‘new’ things in the basket. You can put books, puzzles, word searches and toys in the basket. When you desperately need to occupy your child, bring this basket out.

3. CD

Put on a CD of story-telling so your child can listen to it. You can also record yourself reading your child’s favourite stories. Their listening skills improve with this simple activity.

4. Go Out!

There are so many things you can do outdoors instead of watching TV. Teach your child some outdoor games, simple gardening and activities they can do outdoors versus being a couch potato. They learn to appreciate nature and burn some calories.
Happy Parenting!

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