Managing a Toddler on a Flight

Managing a Toddler on a Flight

Jun 29, 2015

Honestly, the idea of taking a toddler on a flight is something that may bring you a moderate to major sense of dread. It is a different story to have a baby on a flight, although they may cry at some point during the trip, they can be entertained with doses of milk and fiddling with some toys, sleeping most of the way through. Once they are able to use their legs, why would they want to sit? Here are some great tips for you to keep your toddler entertained on a flight.

1. Colouring and Scribbling

Although this is a great activity, it is most annoying when pencils, and pens keep dropping to the floor and you have to use all your yogic poses to retrieve them because if you don’t, mayhem will ensue. What you can do is to get your child a travel sized etching boards (or Etch A Sketch) where the marker pen is attached to the board by a string. With this, you will not need paper as your child can just shake the board, have a blank slate and carry on.

2. Buckle

Toddlers love fastening buckles, zips and fasteners. Get a buckle toy and it will keep your toddler occupied for a long time. Hide it once you get to your destination, so that it would be a new toy all over again on your return journey.

3. Sticker Books

Sticker books are truly life savers. There are several themes you can pick from with scenes and kids have to stick the stickers in the right places. When pages are finished and there are extra stickers, your child will have a good time sticking them wherever they feel like, sometimes on the shoulder of the man sitting next to him!

4. Headphones

Your child may love Pepa Pig on repeat, but it just might drive your fellow passengers insane. Get your toddler one of those child headphones which are adjustable and they can watch their favourite videos without everyone else having to listen in too.
Good luck!

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