Montessori’s Impact in Today’s Society

Montessori’s Impact in Today’s Society

Feb 15, 2013

Education is always evolving. The Montessori system however; which is over a hundred years old is one system that does not require change and updating. It is the only system that has worked for all the generations and will continue to do so.

When we walk around in Montessori schools, we may suddenly feel like Alice in Wonderland; little tables with little chairs, little shelving units, little toilets with little wash basins. Everything in Montessori schools, like Montessori Sugar Land is made for little children. We may wonder how this helps children outside the school environment. The answer is very simple. This gives children the one thing they will need for the rest of their lives – confidence. They can now lift their own chair, use the bathroom themselves and take and return books without help. Although things may not be so accessible outside school, they learn how to try and they learn to try on their own. That’s confidence for you!

The language we use at Sugar Land Montessori is one that Maria Montessori introduced over a century ago. Please, thank you, excuse me and low polite voices are always used. Your child learns to use this language inside and outside the school and this becomes part of his or her personality in the years ahead. Even difficult things like saying ‘sorry’ will not be so hard anymore.

“Clean your room”, “pick up your toys”, “arrange your book shelf”…….aren’t these familiar instructions we give our children almost all the time? Often we see these children grow into unorganized adults with the same traits – messy homes, messy rooms and messy desks. One important lesson imparted at Montessori Sugar Land is that children must clean up after an activity and return things to their rightful place. All this is taught through play and almost always remains with them throughout their lives.

Montessori schools’ curriculum is set in a way to shape your child’s personality with positive traits that will make him or her stand out as an individual to be proud of. 

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