Parental Bonding: the Key to a Happy Child

Parental Bonding: the Key to a Happy Child

Aug 11, 2015

One of the most challenging yet rewarding roles is that of parents. Parenting is not a role that every person is able to experience. Those who are fortunate enough to have children rarely realize the enormity of the blessing they have by being given this role. This is primarily due to the challenges and pressures that come along with parenting, not to mention the difficult or tantrum prone child.

Why is Parental Bonding Important?

Parents often complain about having cranky children who are unhappy and just unbearable at times. No parent would want an unhappy child; and definitely, no parent wants to deal with the tantrums of an unhappy child. One of the greatest ways and perhaps a greatly overlooked method of raising a happy child is parental bonding.

Children need love..

Studies have shown that kids who share a special bond with their parents, one of love, affection and understanding, are less likely to be troublesome, cranky or unhappy. There are several factors that contribute to making a child happy, but the parental factor is one that is ‘under-stressed’ when it should be the one that is the emphasized the most. Parental bondage between the parent and child impacts and helps cater a child’s future, in many different ways, such as the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the social health.

When children are showered with love, they feel secure and motivated. When this love or bond is lacking, this not only affects their childhood, but may also have repercussions on their future. A secure relationship helps build trust, dependence, and reliance between the two involved. Once these traits are established, problems and challenges will be openly discussed and evaluated, thus a greater likelihood of solutions being attained.

..which can lead to their growth of confidence and ambition

Securing a good relationship with your children can bring about future achievements and self-confidence within the child that would have been impossible if the parental bond was not strong. Weak parental bonding often leads to children not feeling loved and frequently seeking this bond elsewhere or resorting to other options in order to fulfill the void that they so desire from their parents. It is a void that yells out to be filled.

Parental bonding does not entail being a perfect parent or having a perfect child, on the contrary, it means an imperfect being trying to aid another imperfect being to get closer to perfection. That is the beauty of the parent-child relationship. It is not one that will be rosy and beautiful at all times, but it is one that entails compassion, understanding, patience, comfort, and above all, unconditional love. It is a relationship that runs blood deep and cannot be experienced except by the parent and child themselves.

The next time your child seems unhappy, rather than trying to pinpoint what might be making him or her unhappy, try and see if your bond with them is lacking in any way. Let’s let our bond with them be an unbreakable one- one that is the key to the happiness of our children.
Happy Parenting!

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