Practical tips for disciplining your toddler

Practical tips for disciplining your toddler

Jun 16, 2019

Disciplining your toddler from a young age is important as values and lessons learned as a toddler plays an important role in shaping them as teenagers and adults. However, many young and first time parents are unsure about how to discipline their toddlers.

Here are some tips for disciplining your child.

You should never reach a place where your children don’t test their boundaries.

Your child should be allowed to display their anger and displeasure towards their parents. This enables them to feel safe and secure around their family. This can be done by making your methods of disciplining less dramatic and setting realistic goals and expectations for your child.

You really can be nurturing, respectful, and also have clear consistent boundaries.

Parents should have well-defined boundaries for their child which involves nurturing them, teaching them respect. Disciplining your child should involve less drama and more encouragement.

Think again about the consequences.

Before you adopt a technique to discipline your child, it is important to understand that there are consequences to your actions and your methods can affect your child in the long run. While spanking and shouting can work in the short-term, in the long-run, it can hurt your child.

Similarly, constantly rewarding your child can be counter-productive. Think of the consequences of your actions before disciplining your child.

The connection isn’t the same as permission.

You need to define clear boundaries with your child. Respecting and listening to your child’s views and opinions should not be confused by your child as permission. Irrespective how good it can feel permissive and liked by your child, as a parent you need to draw a line between connecting with your child and constantly granting them permission

Be consistent.

You need to remain consistent with disciplining your child. For instance, punishments and rewards need to be consistent and uniform manner.

Stick with the kid even when it Is hard.

While disciplining your child can involve taking harsh decisions that your child might not feel good about, a good parent can also help their child to cope with their punishments and disciplinary actions.

Involve your child in the discipline

Involving your child in how to punish and rewarding them might not be a bad idea. You might be surprised by the solutions your child can offer. Besides, your child is more likely to stick to boundaries they are involved in setting.

Wrapping it Up

Disciplining your child can be quite a challenging task, especially for new parents and young adults. In case you are confused or conflicted regarding how to discipline your child, speak to our councilors at Memorial Montessori.

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