Reasons to Take Your Child to Preschool

Reasons to Take Your Child to Preschool

Jul 06, 2020

The preschool period is when children enrich their love of learning, general knowledge, and social skills, such as establishing relationships with others and reaching out to the world.

Preschool is essential for a child as it helps with the skills development and transition to primary school. It does not replace the need for academic knowledge or learning. However, preschool provides a perfect environment for the child to develop creatively and socially.

Every preschool is different; however, the best preschool offers programs that help their child develop their cultural identity and know their strengths. Children studying in a preschool with these features learn how to act independently.

Your role as a parent is also important during this season in your child’s life. Children are sensitive and need guidance as they develop. Your input will help them develop their self-management skills. Additionally, they mature faster than the ones who do not get caring and sensitive adult guidance.

What is Preschool?

Preschools provide full or half-day service to children aged 36 to 72 months. Theater, collective games are some of the activities in preschools. Children socialize in preschools by doing these activities. Moreover, preschools organize some competitions for children which help them to understand that both failure and success are natural things, and create a sense of responsibility.

When a child does not go to kindergarten, he/she lives under the protection of their family until primary school. This affects the child’s development because they don’t learn to express themselves, have self-confidence and socialize

Preschools play a vital role and are undeniably an important step for children to become aware of themselves. They also discover their abilities as an individual and also learn how to make friends– an essential skill to have through to adulthood.

Why Take Your Child to Preschool?

Preschool benefits both the parents and children. For parents, it is the freedom to leave your child for a few hours and focus on your important things. However, for children, preschool is more that– it offers great benefits such as:

  • Socialization:

Your child needs to be with her/his peers and learn the art of friendship. Going to preschool helps the child also to learn communication skills.

  • Self-confidence:

Children who receive preschool education learn to eat independently, brush their teeth, put their toys back after playing, sleep on time, and have many self-care-required behaviors. Learning these behaviors gives them self-confidence.

  • Learning to share:

Children who spend their time with peers learn the importance of sharing with others. They also know how to compromise, to be fair, and also how to negotiate– which are all vital life skills.

  • Respect others:

The child learns how to respect the ideas or wishes of other children and their teachers in kindergarten. They also learn that other people’s needs and property are private and important. This helps them take a massive step towards being a respectful and understanding person.

The Memorial Montessori Difference:

At this point, you can ask why to choose Memorial Montessori Sugar Land? What makes Memorial Montessori Sugar Land different?

We offer services and programs to help your child develop cultural, practical life, sensorial, academic skills.

We have four main preschool programs that include:

  • Practical Life:

This area helps the children to improve their social skills, independence, and coordination features. They do some exercises for learning social behaviors, movements, and caring for themselves.

  • Academic:

We teach children science, geography, history, math, and languages. It is easy for children to master another language if learning starts early. We use different teaching methods, including the application method, which comes in handy when teaching math. We begin with basic concepts and advance with age.

  • Cultural:

In this program, children learn how to sing and express their creativity. They also play games and engage in art. We do these supplemental activities in the Sugar Land TX Campus.

  • Sensorial:

The children start to learn how to materialize abstractions on their own. This group reduces children’s sense of discrimination.

Visit Memorial Montessori for more information on the different preschool and toddler programs that we offer.

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