Road Trip with Kids

Road Trip with Kids

Oct 07, 2013

A road trip with the family is the best way to spend a short vacation. You spend time together and come back all refreshed from your trip. The only dread is when the whining starts with the kids, especially if you have preschool kids with you. Here are some ways to keep all of you sane during your fun holiday.

Games are not only a great way to pass time during a road trip; it also involves all members of the family in a fun way. Name that Tune, Twenty Questions and Cities Towns and Countries are top games you can play. All age groups can play these games. Change to a new game every 30 minutes and you will all be entertained for a long time.

Colouring books, Sudoku puzzles, word searches and mind challenging games often keep kids occupied for a long time. Another great thing to carry with you is a roll of aluminum foil. Yes, aluminum foil. Tear off bits and give it to your kids. Younger kids can wrap this foil around their cups and toys while older kids can make sculptures and chains and bookmarks. Give them some pipe cleaners and watch how they come up with lovely creations.

Plan the timing of your trip in a way that is comfortable for your kids, especially young ones. If you are planning a long trip with toddlers, try to leave at their bedtime so you have hours of uninterrupted travel time. You can break for a meal when they wake up and when you continue your journey after, they will be pretty fresh for a few hours more of travel.

Whatever you do, be calm. When you are calm, this passes on to your kids and they will be happy travelers too!

Happy Parenting!

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