Routines for Toddlers : Simple Routines, Happy Toddlers

Routines for Toddlers : Simple Routines, Happy Toddlers

Sep 07, 2013

We all live in a world that is rushed, competitive and tiring – a world that leaves us frazzled and confused at times. We try to squeeze in optimum parenting time in between the thousands of other things we have to do. We spend all of summer being a little lazy, a little relaxed and then spend the first weeks of school trying hard getting back to routine. We often forget that preschool children need more routine than adults do to ensure they are happy. Here are a few simple routine ideas to keep your children happy and yourself at peace with them.

Establish routines

This is one rule that applies to children of all ages. With very few exceptions, stick to your routines. External order helps children to order themselves internally. They may not like routines, but you know it will help them in the long run.

Saying no

When you need to say no, do it without hesitation or fear. If you need to explain why you said no, keep your explanation brief. Set limits so your child feels safe and douse the temper tantrums with a lack of interest from you.

Listen more, talk less

It is always good to hear stories, advice and past experiences from parents but often parents fall into this pit where they talk and talk and talk. Sometimes, especially with very young children, they end up confused after a very long chat. Talk less, listen to your child more and give the answers he needs. He will ask you if he needs more information.

Take care of yourself

You should do everything you can to maintain your sanity. This means handling stress well, dropping your standards of housework so you can spend more time with your kids, doing what you enjoy and getting enough rest. All this will give your children a quality parent presence.


Happy Parenting!


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