Separation Anxiety: How to Help Preschoolers Overcome Separation

Separation Anxiety: How to Help Preschoolers Overcome Separation

Apr 26, 2018

It is common for both parents and young children to feel a level of separation anxiety in a child’s early years. When a child first arrives at a new daycare or preschool, there are many new changes. Memorial Montessori realizes these new feelings may be difficult to handle. Fortunately, there are a variety of techniques that can ease the transition for both your children and you as the parent. Read on to learn more!

Creating a routine will benefit you and your child at the beginning of the transition. A routine will help to prepare you for everything you need to get done. Write down a very specific schedule ahead of time. This will help to mentally prepare you for the day. Just follow the schedule for a smooth and easy day! Obviously, our busy lives are very unpredictable. Your schedule may not prepare you for the emotional time of saying goodbye to your child, and they may also get anxious to leave your side.

How do you handle your emotions during this time? Children have a tendency to mimic emotions. If you are emotional, then it is no secret your child may also become emotional or anxious. This is why it is important for parents to learn to handle their emotions during this time. It is so vital to show your child an endless amount of love, but it is also important not to be a crying mess so as not to stress your child out. It is helpful to speak with other parents who have dealt with the same emotional process recently. Ask them for any tips that may have helped them.

Goodbye rituals can create a fun atmosphere. Prepare a secret handshake and turn it into a fun ritual you both can look forward to!

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