After School

After School

What happens after your child is done with his day at pre-school or school? You naturally want him in a secure place where he is supervised, has enough activities to keep him engaged, enough nutrition to keep him well, and enough rest to promote healthy growth. What better way than to leave your child with us at our after-school program?

children doing some interesting activities at home

Created and conducted with a team of qualified and experienced educationists who worked with dietitians, our after-school programs for kids incorporate the best of Montessori with the best of the outside world to ensure that your children receive a wholesome environment with us after their school hours.

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Children are guided throughout the day, starting with a nutritional meal after their regular school hours, depending on their needs and requirements. Older children are helped with their school activities like projects, homework, and exam preparations, while our younger children are given time to rest and recover from their morning spent at pre-school.

children after school doing some activities at home

Enough time and importance are given to outdoor activities to balance out the time spent indoors. Sporting activities or a simple walk in the park take them back to nature, learning about the environment. They are encouraged to interact with other children to learn how to co-operate with one another, share and play with one another and communicate positively. Teachers and facilitators are always around to aid guide your child.

child playing some interesting game

Your child is fed with a healthy snack before you come and get him at the end of the day to spend quality time together as a family. Spend the rest of the day having a great time with your family without having to worry about what your child ate and what homework he has not completed! Everything is taken care of at Memorial Montessori by our set of dedicated staff members.

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