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A huge step forward for your child, one of the first things you will notice as your child enters primary school, is the level of responsibility on both you and your child. A child that has been through a Montessori pre-school program will start to apply all that he has learned now more than ever. You will notice that his workspace is always kept neat; he is able to dress himself up for school. You will even see that his shoes are placed by one another. Your responsibility also increases, ensuring homework is completed, adapting to longer school hours, and teaching new social and academic skills.

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How We Can Help

With the added responsibility of both parent and child, our Primary program at Memorial Montessori aims at using the tried and tested method of Montessori on primary aged children to further enhance their knowledge and develop their capabilities and personalities. One important concept we focus on with children of this age is creative learning, where we ensure that your child learns in different and in an unconventional manner, always intriguing his mind and keeping him interested.

Montessori primary classroom qualified and experienced staff members keep in mind to always balance out the academic requirements of your child, extra-curricular activities, and spending time honing skills where he needs help. As we focus on subjects like Math, Science, and Languages, our qualified and trained teachers use real-life examples and situations to better explain theories.

There should always be a good balance of work and play. Montessori primary teacher provides your child with sufficient opportunities for peer interaction, outdoor time, time to play with games and puzzles, and options to explore their creative and artistic side. We encourage important habits such as reading, free creative writing, and public speaking, which is helpful in developing a child’s confidence and personality. Our curriculum has been developed, incorporating Montessori methods that help your child in the long term.

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Nutrition And Diet

At our primary school, we pride on our well-balanced menu created with the help of dietitians. We ensure that your child gets his daily dose of vitamins and minerals for the day. We incorporate foods from each food group – dairy, bread, fruit, vegetables, and meat. We encourage children to help in the setting up and cleaning up at mealtimes. These practical life exercises teach children the art of extending help, whether at home or outside the home.

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Your Child

Our program for your primary school child aims at giving your child a wholesome environment – one where your child develops socially, academically, and emotionally. We help your child learn responsibility the easy way – by putting many elements of fun in the things he/she has to do daily, be it homework, study, helping around the house, or taking care of his things. By having a group of children with him, he will learn co-operation, the building of relationships, resolving conflicts, and maintaining relationships.

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Our Teachers

Our lead teachers at Memorial Montessori are required to have the minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s Degree in Education or an Early Childhood Diploma from an accredited higher learning institution.

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