Spending free quality time with your children

Spending free quality time with your children

Apr 14, 2013

Spending quality time with your children does not necessarily mean you need to spend a fortune on them. Most memories we have of our childhood revolved around things we did that did not involve money. So how can you spend some quality and memorable time with your children?

One thing the teachers at our preschool have learnt over their experiences with your young children is that kids do notice when you’re giving them your full attention when you spend time with them. It isn’t good enough for you to take them for a family fun of pizza, but spend half your time on the phone while you are there. Try your best to focus on your child during your time together. Just to test me, my young daughter once asked me, ‘what did I just say, mum?’ and I was a bit dumbstruck because I was nodding away but was not paying attention. Needless to say, she was not very happy.

Play with your child. Play time at our day care is also known as bonding time. When you play with your child, you will find that odd bits of conversations take place and you can get to know your child so much better at the same time. Conversations are always good for any relationship.

Another great way to spend some quality time is by cooking together. Let your child assist you in setting up the dinner table, or by sorting the peas. Not only do they learn about the responsibilities of an adult, the whole idea of helping out and having a casual chat brings in a good measure of compassion in children. Montessori always encourages children to help out around the house, be it setting up the dinner table or cleaning up after a meal.

Squeeze in a picnic a month with your family. Take loads of games and books to read. After having a great meal together, you can teach them outdoor games that you used to play as a child. Picnics often become a nostalgic outing and it is a great time to share with your children your days as a child.

Whatever you choose to do with your child, time spent together is always something they will reflect upon years down the road. I always have great memories of TV  time with my dad with a spread of chocolates and popcorn. What’s your greatest memory?

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