‘Terrible Two’ Tantrums

‘Terrible Two’ Tantrums

Feb 09, 2016

Entering the Terrible Two Zone

When your babies enter their terrible second year, it can be a difficult time to adjust to for both you and your child. Tantrums are a norm during this age period. The bad thing about this phase is that it can be emotionally and physically exhausting, while the good thing and perhaps the best is that this phase doesn’t last for long! So don’t let it wear you down too much.

Taking on the Tantrums

There are different ways different parents may choose to deal with toddler tantrums. Here are a few:

  • Ignore your child: When your child is throwing a tantrum, they are most probably not being themselves. By giving them attention at this time, you may actually be encouraging them to throw a tantrum whenever they want attention.
  • Be calm:It is very important not to lose your calm during stressful situations or when your child gets angry for no reason. This will encourage your child to also stay calm and set an example to follow in other similar settings.
  • Discipline:Disciplining a child need not have to be only yelling or spanking. Such actions may lead to negative consequences, which include a child losing respect for their parents or being traumatized for years to come. Try to take away privileges or find other ways to get your child to behave. Some examples include: counting down, giving time outs, cutting down on things they enjoy, etc.
  • Try to create a diversion:Children are distracted easily. Try to divert their attention to something other than what may be causing the tantrum. Or, take them to another setting for a change of scenario.
  • Communicate:Make it a point to communicate with your child throughout the day. Let them know what you expect and which boundaries you will not tolerate them crossing. Remember, as you are learning about your child, your child is also learning about you.
  • Spend quality time throughout the day: By striving to keep your relationship with your child positive, you can help lower the number of tantrums your child might throw. Experience new things together and constantly praise them when you can. When they see you not are praising them during a tantrum, it will get them to reflect upon their actions.
  • Use humor: Trying to bring in humor or laughter during tantrums can be a good way to defuse the situation. Singing, joking or just laughing it off might be a positive way to deal with tantrums.
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