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Happy valentines day to memorial montessori staff and kids. it was a very wonderful party today. my kids enjoys a lot. They got a big goody bag full of nice stuff. the valentine cards are also crafted nicely. I really appreciate the hardwork done by staff and kids. i would really like to share that memorial school is one of the best exemplary schools in sugar land.

Zulekha Altaf

Thanks to you all and his teachers suggestion Fisher read the first 4 phonics books and a See Sam chapter book! He can’t wait to show you all Monday! 30 pages all by himself!! Wow!! Your staff is awesome!!!

Brooke Kenny Howard

This is such an amazing school and staff. My grandson would barely talk or interact when he started here. Now he is in GT classes and has the most extensive vocabulary. What an incredible tribute to this school!

Anne Flaherty Brock

Memorial Montessori has been a wonderful first school for my daughter. She is greeted with love each day and truly enjoys her experience there.

Christina Heinroth

Great program!! Love the pictures. My daughter loves her school and I am so glad she is going to Memorial Montessori. Great teachers!! And Mr. James…is really nice and everyone goes out of their way to make sure that all the kids are happy and have fun learning.

Carrie Dillon Pannebaker

Memorial Montessori is a great school! My niece comes home everyday so excited about what she has learned. She’s built such an attachment with the teachers and with the Director. You guys are fabulous!!

Mayur Fazwani

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