The Fine Art of Sharing

The Fine Art of Sharing

Mar 07, 2013

Have you ever looked at a toddler’s rules for living?

“It’s mine….I want it”
“If I was playing with it…’s only mine”

You get the drift. You have just learnt what belongs to others and what belongs to you….and now you want me to share??? Sharing is a difficult thing to do for most toddlers. Thankfully, as they grow to the ages of three to four, sharing does become easier. What can you do to help your child make an easy transition here?

At Sugar land Montessori, we never force children to share. We simply encourage it. One way to encourage it is by being a good role model. Share your books, your chocolate or even your pen with your child. Sharing may seem less threatening to him when he sees you display the right behavior. If your child sees you sharing, he may not be so reluctant.

Teaching a child to be generous in sharing is very different to forcing a child to comply. Scolding him into sharing may get you temporary relief, but it will not become part of his nature. When your child does share, don’t forget to praise him. At the same time, acknowledge that it is not always easy to share. If your child does not feel like sharing something today, it’s best to drop it and bring it up in discussion at a better time later.

Some children are very possessive about certain toys. Until he is ready to share all his toys and books, allow your child to put away some items before his friends arrive so he does not have to share those things.

There are so many aspects of behavior that we cover in preschool Sugar Land. We do this by exhibiting the correct behavior ourselves, by constant repetition and with lots of love. Reinforcing the same thing at home certainly helps! Happy Parenting!

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