The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving

Nov 30, 2016

As we enter December, we enter the season of giving. This is the time of year where millions all over the world try to give back in any way they can, from volunteering their time to help with a good cause to even donating clothes and toys for those less fortunate.

While you’re out scrambling to find the perfect holiday gift for your child, think about also giving them the gift of giving. While they’re young, it’s beneficial to teach them why giving, having compassion for others, and having gratitude when receiving a gift is important. Teaching your kids about these values will allow them to develop a greater respect for others and better relationships with those around them as adults. Here are a couple of simple ways you can start giving the gift of giving to your child today:


The great part about donating is that it doesn’t necessarily require you and your child to leave the house immediately. In fact, it can start right from home, right now! Sit with your child and go through any of their clothes and toys to find out if there’s any that they would want to part with or things they don’t use anymore that they would want to give away. Once you’ve sorted through their belongings, you can then gather the things that can be donated and travel to a local toy drive or donation center to drop them off. This will allow your child to experience why donating and giving is important, and gives you a chance to talk to them about what causes donating their old belongings will help so they can see how they’re making a difference.


Volunteering with your child with a local animal shelter or even at school is a hands-on approach to showing them what giving back to the community is all about. They can even have fun, enjoying petting or playing with small animals or even partaking in volunteering activities with their friends and family at school or in clubs. Volunteering at a location that your child recognizes as a fun place will even help them learn that volunteering isn’t “work.” It’s an opportunity to give back to those around them.

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