The Importance of Global Education

The Importance of Global Education

Feb 07, 2017

Coevals are passed in the educational system with basic subjects in elementary school and the addition of special electives in secondary schools. However, today’s kids are a lot more than math, science, and social studies. They are exposed to the 70% of the globe and the activities around through the various screened gadgets present around us. Millennials are more anxious to know about worldly activities than older adults in today’s time. For this reason, it is vital to have an inimitable approach towards children’s education.

Global Education is one such approach applied by many institutions for an inventive yet successful life-changing educational foundation. Global education is a widely-used term in today’s world to describe a particular form of education which:

  • Facilitate people to understand the ethnicity and links between their own lives and the people across the globe.
  • Develops core competencies like skills, attitudes, and ethics which enable the aptitude of the brain to grasp different work cultures and allow them to actively engage with the world.
  • Helps to acquire the in-depth knowledge and understanding of international issues and ability to learn different culture backgrounds, proficiency in a foreign language and skills to work in an interdependent world community.
  • Attempts towards attaining a more just and sustainable world in which clout and resources are more impartially shared.

The EdSteps program by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)is a successful attempt to define global competence. It is comprised of four key ideas to be used at all levels, in varied subject areas:

  1. Investigate the World
  2. Recognize Perspective
  3. Communicate Ideas
  4. Take Action

These definitions of global education are just the stepping stones in the development and incorporation of global education into the educational curriculum. Global education can empower and support your child to be adversity equipped!

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