The Importance of Math in Early Childhood Education

The Importance of Math in Early Childhood Education

Dec 16, 2015

Education- A Birth Right

Most people will agree that education is a birthright; each child has a right to an education. As the saying goes, ‘Education is the backbone of a nation.’ Under education come several subjects, one of the most important being Mathematics.

Why Math?

A lot of children often ask their parents “What will I ever do with Math?” As sincere as they are in their desire to avoid taking math classes, they fail to realize the importance of math subjects they will learn and need it in their lives.

The next time your kids question you about Math, you might want to let them know some of the following:

Firstly, kids need Math to be able to count. Counting is something they will need every single day of their lives. From the little things to the big things in life, counting is in every aspect of our lives.

Secondly, Math will help your child get their numerals right. One of the most important things a child will be working on figuring out for a huge chunk of their adult life is money. Not to mention shopping and dealing with change which requires basic Math skills such as adding, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Thirdly, many essential life skills fall under Math. Skills like being able to read a clock to tell the time, calculating time in terms of hours, days, weeks or months, reading temperature and so much more. A lot of flights could be missed if one is unable to calculate military time.

Fourthly, Math is the basis for a whole array of other subjects, ranging from Accounting to Statistics to Economics and even certain Sciences such as Physics and Chemistry. Without knowing Math, a child’s options of higher studies narrow down.

Fifthly, Math helps develop critical thinking skills, a skill which is a huge requirement once kids enter the real world. With the ongoing competition in the job market, developing and excelling in Math is becoming more and more of a requirement to get ahead.

These reasons and much more fall under why kids need Math. Don’t hesitate to let your kids know what they would be missing out on if they don’t work on their Math skills.

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