The Most Common Mistakes Parents Make When Disciplining Their Child

The Most Common Mistakes Parents Make When Disciplining Their Child

Jun 01, 2019

Here’s a Look at the Discipline Mistakes Which Parents Make and How to Overcome Them:

  • Not Taking the Time to Connect First

Parents need to first connect with the child as it’s the first step in all effective discipline.

  • Being Disrespectful and Not Practicing What They Preach

Even children need to be respected though they are younger. Parents must practice what they preach.

  • Not Adjusting Your Techniques to Fit Your Child

You must understand your child’s needs and temperament so that you can decide the approach that might best fit in a particular situation.

  • Assuming Children are Little Adults

Children explore so many things as they grow. This reflects on their behavior and that behavior is bound to change from time to time. So, don’t make any assumptions about the kid’s behavior, especially if they are based on your expectations of how an adult should behave.

  • Preaching and Over Explaining

If you drag the topic or preach them for long, it will repel them to an extent that they may stop paying attention to what you are saying.

  • Not Disciplining

If you are a struggling parent, you need to discipline your child by learning the necessity of clear limits and consistent boundaries.

  • Assuming Boundaries are Punitive

You don’t always need to be harsh. There are other ways to let your child know that their behavior or action is causing trouble.

  • Being Inconsistent

If there’s a certain problem or behavior expectation that you are dealing with, make sure that the caregivers are on the same page as you.

  • Distracted Discipline

Some parents are present for their children physically, but not mentally. Before you reprimand your child, make sure to talk with him/ her and be curious about their experience.

  • Assuming that nurturing interaction during a meltdown is inherently rewarding and thus, should be avoided

When your child is reacting, you can calm them down and give them a hug mentioning that you aren’t changing your mind but you are right here until they calm down.

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