Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Oct 29, 2014

It’s not the ghosts and the ghouls parents have to worry about this Halloween Holiday! Kids tend to get a little hyper, and a little adventurous when they’re dressed as their favorite character; or perhaps an alter ego for those truly dedicated. Keep them safe, and harm free with these tips and tricks.


Oh the bounty your child will have! Just make sure that if they have any allergies that you are screening their candy before consumption. It’s also unsafe for them to eat partially opened candy so make sure to keep an eye out for those.


Making sure that your kids are always in your line of site is important to making sure that they are safe and protected, whether it be from boo-boos (get it!) or just ensuring that they don’t overfill on candy too soon. Some ways to prevent kids from wandering out of sight: trick or treat before sunset; carry a flash light; place glow necklaces on the kids or some other light necklace or bracelets.

Costume Care

Whether it’s a princess’s ball gown, or a grim reapers robe, costumes can sometimes hinder little ones movement, or make it easy for them to fall. Make sure that the costume is form fitting enough to avoid snags, and that the length allows for the child to run, and jump comfortably, to avoid any missteps or falls.

Keep Company Safe

If you’re throwing, or going to attend a party this Halloween, make sure to kid proof your decorations, or keep kids away from hazardous objects. Part of the Montessori experience is learning with your senses, and intuition—kids are naturally curious this way—so make sure object within a child’s reach do not pose any harm to them.

Neighborhood Concerns

Little ones will usually hold a parents hand as they walk from house to house, but sometimes the Halloween excitement can get to them and cause them to run, or break free from your hold. Make sure that you have a proper talk with them about crossing the street, strangers, and to always look for mom or dad if they feel lost.


Always have a discussion with the kids about safety, and expectation before you head out to gather their sugared treasures. Know that they are overjoyed to be dressing up, and get treats that they may not pay as much attention while in costume. Have the discussion a few days prior, and reiterate once more before they put on their costume for the night the rules you want to set, and safety guidelines.

Happy Parenting!

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