Types of Rewards that Work for Children

Types of Rewards that Work for Children

Sep 29, 2015

The Beauty of Difference

No two people are the same, the same is true of children. The differences in our children make them just that much more special and unique. In the same way, token, rewards, and punishments will not work the same way for one child the way they may work for another.

Rewarding Our Children

The following are a few types of rewards you can award your child with every time you feel they deserve it:

  • Praise: Irrelevant to your child’s age, most children seek acceptance and approval from their parents. Praising your child for their action as well as praising them for being who they are is imperative for them to develop positively and with self-confidence. Praising your child can be one of the best rewards you ever give them.
  • Material rewards: This category pretty much includes all material things that your child might want or desire. It is true that buying your child everything they want will most likely lead to them becoming spoilt and more importantly, unappreciative of things they have. However, if you choose to not buy your children gifts, this will also have a reverse effect on them. Learn how to buy extra things for your children once they have earned it. Also, it is important that you teach them the difference between a need and want at a young age.
  • Monetary reward: Giving your child an allowance can actually help them realize the value of money from a young age. Be careful to not give them too much, and you should also refrain from refusing to give them money at all. Finding a balance in money matters can be tough, but it is an essential skill and needs to be taught from early on.
  • Time: You would be surprised at how valuable time is for a child. If your child does something worthy of a reward, reward them by giving them your time. Spend time with your child in doing something they love. Trust me, ultimately, these are the moments that your child will remember and cherish, not the material gains they received.

Remember, parenting is different for everyone. What works for you, might not work for another. Keep at it until you find what works. Just remember, rewarding your child is crucial for his or her development and bonding with you.

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