Values for Children

Values for Children

May 22, 2013

We might sometimes think that a preschool child is too young to know values; but this is where we underestimate our little ones. In reality, children are never too young to grasp positive information. Teaching values to your child is as important as imparting other educational tools to them.

To remember the values you have taught them, children need self-direction. When they are in a certain situation, they are able to rely on themselves for a decision and not their peers. Even if your child is of a preschool age, teaching him right from wrong will never be a lesson forgotten.

As parents we are the ultimate role model for our children. Children do not only learn by learning, they learn by watching too. The do-as-I-say strategy will not work for long if you don’t do what you preach. Children who se e their parents fight and swear will do the same. Children who see their parents discuss in a calm manner are very likely to ape that behavior too. You will only confuse a child if you don’t model the behavior patterns you support.

Every child has a reasoning power within him. It’s important for parents to take this reasoning power in the right direction. How should your preschool child resolve a conflict with a friend? By talking through it, by hitting him or by having a verbal fight? By continuously encouraging your child to use the right methods of communication and by acting this out yourself, he will be less confused and more focused on the right behavior. You cannot be telling your child to resolve a conflict with calm communication when you always spank him when you are upset.

At the end of the day, having a child who can use values imparted to him when communicating and handling himself is any parent’s dream. It may not be very easy to accomplish, but perseverance will go a long way.

Happy parenting!

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