Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen

Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen

Apr 11, 2013

One thing parents and teachers often complain about is getting children to listen. You all must have been through at least one episode when you had repeated the same instructions to your child at least five times and you were ignored. You then proceed to tell them five more times, this time more loudly, only reminding yourself of the type of parent you did not want to be! So what can you do to change that? Try these tried and tested ways!

Single word

We often like to train our young kids with household chores, like carrying their plates to the sink after a meal. Often, you’d face a situation when after repeated reminders; children still need to be reminded to put their plates away. At our preschool, we have enforced the single word policy when it comes to such instructions. Just try one word to jog their memory. All we do after a mealtime is say ‘plates’ and all our kids pick up and put away their plates. For parents, use single words to tell them what’s expected – ‘teeth’, ‘shoes’, etc. After a few weeks of this, you will notice that your children do not need these reminders and you will not have screaming battles anymore.


Remember the episodes of tantrums when your child did not want to put on the hat to shield the sun at the theme park? And you’d end up with a threat that he can’t go on any rides till he’d put in on; and there would be a crying episode and both of you did not win? The better way, is to offer your child choices. Our teachers at the day care do this often. Threats and punishments don’t work. Let your child know he has a choice and that he made a choice responsibly. Tell your child that he can either put on the hat now or after he sits out the next ride. He won’t be so happy missing out his favorite ride, and the hat will be put on in no time!
Children today are very different from children twenty years ago. If they are made to feel part of a decision making process, they are more likely to listen without argument.
Happy Parenting!
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