What Makes A Good Summer Camp?

What Makes A Good Summer Camp?

Aug 05, 2021

In the modern-day, lifestyles are becoming busier and busier. In some cases, parents are unable to spend valuable time with their children. It’s not only unfortunate but also limits and slows down the much-needed development of children.

Nonetheless, all is not lost. There are summer programs for children where they can learn and try new things. At the mention of the word summer camp, kids will start smiling and jumping up and down. Once your child visits a summer camp, they will forever pressure you to enroll him into one every time they break for holidays. A summer camp offers distinctive learning and development skills away from the school environment.

Since numerous summer camps sprout from every corner of the country, you need to be cautious when selecting one for your child. This article highlights the various factors that make a summer camp ideal for your children.

Factors that determine a good summer camp

  • Safety and security

Summer camps for kids should be both safe and secure. The center should be in a particular region free of criminal activities, catastrophes, and societal evils. You don’t want to take your child to a summer camp in the middle of a crime zone.

Your children should also be safe physically and emotionally. The instructors available should promote safety and ensure a safe environment when engaging in different activities. The games in the camp should also be designed with safety in mind. Although accidents do occur, they should be minimized in the highest possible way.

The instructor should be polite and use encouraging comments to the children. It gives kids a deep sense of emotional security.

  • Robust curriculum

A camp’s curriculum should be comprehensive. The lessons should drift across diverse topics and be interactive. Also, various courses should be broken down into smaller tasks. Finally, each study should involve a project to impart new skills.

A curriculum with numerous projects and illustrations is easy to understand. Children like experimentation, and thus they stand a good chance of understanding new concepts and ideas. In addition, a comprehensive curriculum ensures kids are engaged in numerous activities involving different skills. It’s therefore easy to identify the interests of other children.

  • Dynamic instructor

The instructor highly determines the success of a summer camp. An active instructor takes a center to a new level due to the fantastic learning experience they give to kids. In addition, an instructor should be capable of personalizing cases to the individual needs of children.

Also, the language employed by the instructor plays a huge role. They should be warm, motivating, and putting the safety of the children at the forefront. A good instructor ensures all kids are participating in the different activities.

An instructor should devise ways of incorporating all kids in all activities because some children generally dislike various activities.

  • Facilities

A good summer camp should have excellent facilities. The key indicators should be cafeteria and accommodations. Also, the diet should be good. A summer camp should offer good accommodation services and have proper nutrition. You should check the menu of the cafeteria to know whether the diet available will fit your child.

Also, other facilities worth checking include the music rooms, sports pitches, computer labs, and such. Good facilities make a summer camp suitable for children.

  • Fun

Of course, a summer camp should be fun. Besides offering new skills and unlocking new interests, a good summer camp should be enjoyable to the children. The more they enjoy, the higher the chance of attending another camp and still understanding the concepts and skills.


Summer camps serve in the best interests of parents and children. A good summer camp aids in building unique interests, learning new skills, socializing, mental stimulation, and engaging in physical activities. Kids learn to be independent at an early age.

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