When To Say “No” To Your Toddler

When To Say “No” To Your Toddler

Jul 16, 2014

Tantrums and toddlers go hand in hand. It is a natural part of development but it is something that needs to be minimized simply by setting some limits that will give you some sanity too. Children develop through challenges but you should always be there to help before the challenge becomes a frustration. As a parent, you should also observe the fine line between guiding and taking over a situation. When you think your child is going to reach the brink, create a diversion for them towards a soothing activity or a much needed snack to get the situation under control.

Say “No” to overwhelming situations

Observe your child for triggers of temper tantrums. Do they usually happen when your child is tired, rushed or angry? Are there places they find difficult to handle – like shopping malls or being cooped up in a car? It is a good idea to note down these triggers so you can prevent them from turning into overwhelming situations where everyone ends up frustrated.

Say “No” to junk food

It is known that sweets trigger a child’s blood sugar levels, caffeine in ‘coke’ can put kids in hyper mode for hours – and can frustrate you at the same time. Some healthy foods can also be sensitive for kids. It is a good idea to keep a record of these foods and additives too.

Say “No” to misunderstandings

A big reason or misunderstandings between toddlers and adults is misunderstandings because of limited language skills. Encourage your toddler from early on in life to express anger or frustration verbally and not through tantrums. Teach the right vocabulary to your child so they can express themselves well.

Say “No” to too many rules

Sometimes, parents frustrate themselves and their children because of the million rules they have. There should of course be some non-negotiable rules like seatbelts, but don’t sweat over the small stuff. Live a little and have fun with your child.

Happy Parenting!

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