Why Toddlers Ask Why

Why Toddlers Ask Why

Nov 01, 2019

Kids growing up is the cutest thing. From their smiles to their chubby faces, watching your child grow up is a satisfying experience for all parents. As they grow up, you expect some changes. They start speaking out words, doodling on surfaces, and making baby steps. Their unending curiosity is, however, a thing that parents do not see coming.

Toddlers tend to keep asking why. They ask why the most obvious requests and commands. For them, everything is an opportunity to get more information. If you are just getting into that stage with your toddler, here are some things you want to factor in before sending him/her off to daycare in Sugar Land TX.

It is a sign of curiosity

Curiosity in children develops with age. As they grow up, they begin to associate differently with the environment around them. When they start noticing that things around them are different, then they become curious. An explanation for why everything happens is not always possible. However, toddlers do not know this. As much as the question of why becomes annoying, you should not brush it off and disregard their curiosity.

To overcome insecurity

A lot of the time, parents have a hard time convincing their toddlers to join Montessori School of Sugar Land. Something about moving into a new environment with new people can be disturbing for your child. On your way to daycare in Sugar Land TX, your child will question why you need him/her to go to the school in the first place.

If you are keen on the whys, it will point you toward a need for assurance of security. The child has grown up relying fully on your guidance in life. Any change in phenomena will arise insecurity. Trying to address the whys, in this case, is reassuring. It can boost the feeling of security for your child, over the insecurity of trying something new.

Seeking assurance

Whys from toddlers can be their way of seeking reassurance from you. The confidence of a young child is built gradually. Every experience you let them enjoy is a step closer to making them more self-confident than before. Take the whys of your child as their way of seeking assurance. If they know that you have reassured them, then they are confident to proceed with the necessary actions. In that case, if you want to take your toddler to Montessori Sugar Land, make an effort to reassure them when they ask why.

To foster understanding

Sometimes parents think they are good communicators, but it may not be true. Talking to a toddler is not the same as talking to an adult. Depending on the age of your child, synthesizing information to a level they can understand is the most important part of the conversation. When your child asks why you have to take him/her to daycare in Sugar Land TX, their concern could be out of lack of understanding. Could it be that there is a nearer school of all the Schools in Sugar Land TX? Trying to understand why you make the decisions you do is why your toddler might be asking why.

For learning

Toddlers learn quickly through questions. Asking why is their way of soliciting more information from you. It is not enough to tell your child that you are signing him up for classes in daycare in Sugar Land. For him to learn, he needs an answer to why school is important. Why is it that he cannot sit at home with you all day? What are the benefits of attending a Montessori Childcare? Walking your child through the process of learning comes with so many questions of why.

A conversation starter

Parents are big on giving instructions and commands to children. If you are always telling your child to do this or do that, age will come with some questions of why. A Montessori school in Sugar Land trains kids to have conversations with people around them. In the same way, if your toddler has been asking so many questions why, take it as a conversation starter. Your child probably wants to hear a story of how you came across a daycare in Sugar Land TX and what made you like it. Having a conversation beyond instructions can transform your relationship with your child.

Your children will not be toddlers forever. Enjoy their ‘why’ stage while it lasts, and make the most of it while you can.

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