Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids

Dec 22, 2017

It is never too early to incorporate yoga into your child’s physical activity. It helps with balance, posture, and discipline. Here are a few fun yoga poses to try with your children:


This basic series of poses taken from the Sun Salutation helps to establish how yoga is performed. Start by standing up tall and take three to five deep breaths. On the next inhale, slowly lift your arms up over your head. With your feet on the ground, stretch your spine and waist up towards the sky above. When you exhale, bend your body at the waist as far forward as you comfortably can. Bend the knees a bit and avoid straining the back. On the next inhale, slowly rise while stretching your arms open wide and stretch the arms towards the sky. To help kids remember it, the first action should be described as the rising sun and the following action as the setting sun. It can be repeated six to ten times.


Stand up straight and tall and then place your right foot on your left knee. Imagine your leg touching the ground like the roots of a tree, and slowly lift the hands up and extend the fingers like they are the branches of the tree. Be sure to repeat with the legs switched for a balanced pose.

Butterfly Position

While sitting, place the soles of your feet together. Hold the feet together and let the knees drop to the floor, looking like a butterfly. Straighten the spine as if it is the antennae sticking out of the butterfly.

Side Stretch

With the legs spread wide, lift the right arm up high and stretch it to the left as far as you can by bending to the side. This stretches the legs and sides beautifully. Repeat with the left arm stretching to the right side.

Partner Bridge

This is great for siblings to do together. Stand facing each other with enough space between you for each of you to bend forward. Take each other’s hands and slowly bend forward until you are both stretching your backs. It may take some practice, but gently pull a little bit to help the other stretch but not fall over.


Keep one foot firmly planted on the floor, lift the other foot up and lean forward, use the lifted foot to keep your balance and extend your arms out. You will resemble an airplane flying through the sky.

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